farted in my mouth

Flatulence is the expulsion through the rectum of a mixture of gases that are byproducts of the digestion process of mammals and other animals. The medical term for the mixture .


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OK, so you may have heard that Whoopi Goldberg supposedly farted on The View last week farted in my mouth during her interview with Claire Danes. It was a moment that caught all t

From Nick Swardson: Seriously, Who Farted?

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My First Experience : A true, farted in my mouth personal story from the experience, I Love Face Sitting. When I was young, around 9 or 10, I went to the community pool. It was the type of pool .

A damn interesting article written by Alan Bellows on 26 November 2005.

The Lineup: Some teen dude with sideburns, some Latina chick, some white blond dude, some white blonde girl, and two brunettes. Fart Factor: Pretty high.

Hi guys, it's been years since the Dirtyfeetguy website was taken down from geocites and lots and lots of people in forums have missed the site.

Wanderlei Silva knocked out Cung Le at 4:59 in the second round at UFC 139. Le failed on a single leg attempt and was stopped with hammer fists. UFC commentator Joe Rogan was .

I think it was Nancy Grace. I caught this on live TV moments ago..

Can you use your farts instead of mouth to mouth

farted in my mouth

in cpr? ChaCha Answer: Apparently, farting is a perfectly acceptable, medical substi.


Best Answer: The fainting I could handle , but one fart and you would be out on your ear ! .
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