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Need to get your emo hottie fix for the day? Come check out 75 pictures of Andy Sixx, emo super hottie and lead singer of the band Black Veil Brides.


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10 January 2012. 530 pictures of Andy Sixx. Recent images. Hot! View the latest Andy Sixx photos. Large gallery of Andy Sixx pics. Movie posters. Stills. Magazine pics.

Does he wear a wig or somthin while he's at concerts? I see him with crazy teased long hair and without the crazy makeup and stuff he has short hair, so does he wear .

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Okay this is as far as musicians and originality goes who is better? if you have no idea who nikki is andy sixx pics but love Andy andy sixx pics dont comment, if you nikki no andy dont comm

Okay, so i found some pics of Andy. Which i haven't seen until now!

again. ..paused it and added band name BRIDE VEIL BRIDES-Andy Sixx check them out click it for bigger size

I think if i had to choose, I'd probably go with Nikki Sixx. But Andy Sixx is obviously a close second. What about you?

Andy Six was born Andrew Dennis Biersack, he was born in Milwaukee- Wisconsin but moved to Cincinnati- Ohio at a young age. This

andy sixx pics

outstanding young man was brought into the .


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Andy Sixx

He's is gorgeous, and I love his band's music, awesome! His eyes are so. man, I'm too embarrassed to say anything anymore, the pic speaks for its self ;P A gallery for the .

11 January 2012. 530 pics of Andy Sixx. Recent
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